Republic of Tunisia
Republic of Tunisia
Ministry of Transport
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Tunisian Civil Aviation and Airport Authority (OACA) is mainly in charge of the following missions:
On civil aviation level:

  • Area, approach and ground control in the Tunisian air space, landing, parking and aircraft transit.
  • Participation in elaborating and carrying out search and rescue plans
  • Delivery of all the documents required for aeronautical staff, aircraft and air navigation complying with the rules and regulations in force.
  • Achievement of control operations planned by the rules and regulations in force.

On the level of airports’ operation and development:

  •  Laying-out, operating, cleaning and developing the international airports, their outbuildings and their equipment.
  •  Boarding, deboarding, transit and transport by land of passengers, goods and air- mail.
  •  Supplying various facilities for airports’ users and dealers such as information, welcoming, luggage trolleys, cleanliness, green areas…. And industrial services such as water, electricity, phone and air-conditioning.

On the trade level:

  •  The concession of fittings, areas, sites and commercial buildings (landside and airside).
  • Renting publicity spaces landside and airside of the airports.
  • Storage, processing and delivery of import freight.

On the level of studies and environment:

  • Creating and achieving technical and economic studies for developing airport infrastructures.
  • Maintaining, cleaning and renewing the fittings.
  • Improving work conditions.Strengthening and transmitting technology.
  • Improving the internal and external environment of airports together with searching for solutions for acoustic problems.
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