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Republic of Tunisia
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Annual Activity Report

The main achievements of Tunisian Civil Aviation and Airports Authority in 2007.

  • Capacity of Tunisian Airports: 13.85 Millions PAX.
  • Pax traffic: 11 Millions PAX that is to say an increase by 4.7%.
  • Aircraft movements : 103 000 that is to say an increase by 4.8%.
  • Air freight: 16 788 tones that is to say a decrease by 11.5%.
  • Evolution traffic of overflight: 23.3%.
  • Turnover: 239.283 MD that is to say an increase by 8.5%. (75.5% of which are aeronautical fees).
  • RBE: 60.8MD that is to say an increase by 9.5%.
  • Staff: 3 339.
  • Investments: 25.980 MD.

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