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AIS products

Aeronautical publications

The aeronautical information is provided within the frame of the integrated aeronautical information package that is composed of the following elements:

  • Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP);
  • AIP Amendment (AIP AMDT);
  • AIP Supplement (AIP SUP);
  • NOTAM and pre-flight information bulletins (PIB);
  • Aeronautical Information Circulars (AIC);
  • CD-ROM containing the AIP Tunisia, AIP SUP and AIC in force and the latest AIRAC AMDT and SUP.

Regular amendments to CD-ROM will be disseminated whenever an AIP AMDT OU AIRAC AIP AMDT is published.

A CD-ROM containing all the current national regulatory texts in to force at the date mentioned on the CD-ROM and of which the list is in the section of the GEN part of the Tunisia AIP. Users are advised to regularly consult the Official Newspaper of the Republic of Tunisia (Official Newspaper) and the AIP Tunisia, part GEN section GEN 1.6, for texts published after the date mentioned on the CD-ROM.
NOTAMs and monthly checklists that are linked are issued by the aeronautical fixed service (AFS), while the GDP is in the AIS aerodrome. All other elements of the set are sent by mail.

All other elements of the package are sent by mail.

Publications Sales

The Aeronautical Information Publications are sent for free to AIS foreigners on a reciprocal basis complaying with ICAO requirements for the exchange of aeronautical information (Ref. Annex 15 - Chapter 3).

Besides, sales tariffs of the publications are mentionned in the below spreadsheet:

Countries UMA countries* (EUROS) Other countries** (EUROS)
Ring binder (Set of index notincluded) 20 20
Complete set of index 10 10
CD-ROM (AIP, AIP SUP et AIC/ AIP, AIP SUP and AIC) 100 100
Complete AIP (first purchase) 180 200
Amendement service 80 90
SUP AIP, AIC and NOTAM summary 50 60

* AMU : Arab Maghreb Union
** EURO rate of exchange : EURO sale- value of the Central Bank of Tunisia on the invoice date.

Orders have to be sent to the: Aeronautical Information Service Air navigation Center 1080 TUNIS-CEDEX BP 137 - 147 TUNISIE

E-mail : tunisia-ais@oaca.nat.tn

Subscription or subscription renewal for aeronautical information publication

Subscription by e-mail

In order to update our list of subscribers to aeronautical information publications, all subscribers are invited to send us before the end of January of the current year, the subscription form or subscription renewal, duly met.

Note : The subscriptions not renewed on 31 of january in the current year will be suspended

Subscription on line

Please fill the subscription form Formulaire paiement (EN) on line.