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SIA TUNISIA, Certified ISO 9001 version 2008

Since 2006, the General Directorate of OACA has implemented a Quality Management System, within Aeronautical Information Service and Aerodrome AIS units.

The scope of the QMS covers the following activities:

Receiving, processing, editing, operating and disseminating the aeronautical information

The established quality policy aims mainly:

Improving customer satisfaction;

Improving compliance with national and international air navigation regulations and customer requirements;

Cooperating with international organizations promoting the exchange of information and expertise;

Use of new technologies for aeronautical information processing, product marketing, improved communication with customers;

Improving and developing the performance of products and services through the transition from AIS to AIM;

Development of new commercial offers appropriate to customer requests;

Improving the information system security;

Permanent improvement of the resources performance (human, material and means of communication) to guarantee the effectiveness of QMS;

Improving cooperation and communication with external providers;

Continuous improvement of quality management system;