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Applying international standards of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the national rules (Decree of the Transport Minister in February 3rd , 2009 related to the conditions of operating the aerodromes opened to Public Air Traffic) that aims at guaranteeing the application of the national and international rules concerning the supervision of the civil aviation safety, Tunisian Civil Aviation and Airports Authority (OACA) has engaged itself in a process to certify the Tunisian aerodromes.

The aerodrome certificate is a document delivered to the airport manager by the competent authority that is to say Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile (DGAC) that is under the supervision of the Tunisian Transport Ministry and this is after satisfying the following conditions:

  • The applicant and his staff have the required skills and experience;
  • The aerodrome manual contains all the relevant information;
  • The facilities, services and equipment of the aerodrome are in compliance with standards and practices specified by the State;
  • The operation procedures of the aerodrome provide a satisfactory safety of the aircrafts;
  • A system of security management is in place (forward).

Thus and in order to complete the project, four working committees were created to implement the process of certification of the Tunisian aerodromes:

  • High Commission of follow-up of aerodromes certification;
  • Central Coordination Commission of the aerodromes certification;
  • Local Commission for the implementation of the action plan related to the aerodromes certification;
  • Steering Committee of checking and validation of the documentary system.

These commissions work in coordination to prepare Tunisian aerodromes for the certification audit of the (DGAC).

The approach taken is aimed to:

  • Develop the aerodrome manual and associated procedures complaying with rules and regulations in force;
  • Implement the action plan related to the aerodromes certification;
  • Conduct internal audits and mock audits of the documentary sytem together with the aerodromes sites and make necessary corrective actions;
  • Order the certification audit to the DGAC.

For this purpose, mock audits were carried out during the year 2007 in the aerodromes:

  • Tozeur Nefta
  • Tabarka Ain Draham
  • Monastir Habib Bourguiba
  • Djerba Zarzis
  • Sfax Thyna

Efforts made by skills of the OACA resulted in the certification of:

  • Tabarka Ain Draham Airport in the 7th of November, 2008.
  • Tozeur Nefta Airport in the 22nd of December, 2008.
  • Djerba Zarzis Airport in the 28th of May, 2009.

For the remaining airports, a certification schedule was set up:

Airport Limit date State
Tabarka Ain Draham - Certified in November, 7th, 2008
Tozeur Nefta - Certified in December, 22nd 2008
Djerba Zarzis - Certified in May, 28th, 2009
Sfax Thyna 2nd quarter 2009 Developped manual
Tunis Carthage 3rd quarter 2009 Manual in progress
Gafsa Ksar 4th quarter 2009 Manual in progress
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