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Safety measures

Hold luggage control

  • The luggage to be shipped in the planes holds, regardless of destination, are always and immediately controlled by a security equipment after the check in.
  • Check in your hold luggage the most effective and keep only what is absolutely essential for your trip in your hand luggage.

Hand luggage control

  • In order to prevent any intrusion of illegal objects on board of a plane through the passengers and their hand luggage, security checkpoints are set up. These controls take place before reaching boarding lounge.
  • Hand luggage must pass through an X-ray screening device. On a screen, a safety agent checks their content. Your hand luggage can also be subject to a manual search.
  • All the objects prohibited in hand luggages must travel in hold luggages if they are authorised.
  • Precised instructions concerning the transport of liquids and cutting or sharp objects are available on the websites of airports and airlines.

Police control

To facilitate safety work submit yourselves willingly to security controls while passing through the security gate by placing all the little things you carry with you (watch, keys, etc...) in a basket provided to put them in and which will be returned to you after your passage through the security gate...

Prohibited objects

All objects that can be offensively used.

If you have a doubt, see with your airline before preparing your luggage.

Are prohibited at travel:

  • Gaz bottles, gas-fueled camp stove.
  • Under pressure containers, sprays (except perfums, toiletries, drugs).
  • Products that are corrosive, oxydizing, irritant, toxic, acid, humid batteries, paints, etc.
  • Explosives/ Ammunition/Flammable liquids /Corrosive substance : Any explosive or flammable material which, by itself or combined to other materials, can cause an explosion or a fire.
  • Flammable products (fuel, oil, etc).
  • Radioactive substances.
  • Magnetic substances.

Are prohibited in cabin (but are accepted in hold)

  • Firearms: Any weapon firing a projectile under an explosion effect or under air or compressed gases action, including guns and rocket launcher guns.
  • Knives and sharp instruments : sabers, swords, cutters, hunting knifes, pocket knives, martial arts instruments, work tools and other knives with a blade length equal or higher than 6 cm.
  • Blunt instruments : Truncheons, clubs, bats or similar instruments.
  • Neutralizing or stun products: Teargases stun and other similar chemicals or gases products contained in a gun, a metal bomb or any other container, and other neutralizing products.
  • Other items: Such as ice picks, alpenstocks, straight razors, and sharp scissors, which are not generally considered mortal or dangerous weapon, but can nevertheless be used as a weapon.
  • Any toy or object imitating any one of the above items or likely to cause major suspect.

The presence of such objects are immediately reported to the airport authority, police, military authority or other competent authority and are put away from public airport areas.

Are authorised in cabin but with restricted or prohibited use:

  • Use prohibited during haulage, taking-off and landing.
    • Laptop
    • Camcorder
    • Razor
    • Radio, TV, walkman.
  • Use prohibited during all the flight.
    • Remote control
    • Mobile phone
    • Radio
    • Talkies-walkies.
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