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Your luggage

Prepare your luggage

  • To avoid any confusion during check-in and any orientation errors during delivery, please remove the old labels stuck on your luggage.
  • Attach to your luggage a new identification label with your name, address and telephone number. It is also strongly recommended to stick another label with your contact details inside your luggage, and to lock them.
  • Check with your airline about the number limit for your luggage and the number of hand luggage allowed. Or carefully check the general conditions of your airline or of your plane ticket.
  • Your hold luggages are transported for free in the hold to a certain limit (weight or quantity depending on airlines) called franchise that is variable depending on the destination and the kind of ticket. Beyond, you will pay a fee per kilo on extra luggage.
  • In general, you may take in cabin, hand luggage weighting not more than 10 kilos. If exceeded, the company has the right to place the extra luggage(s) in hold.
  • Only standard luggages are checked in. Bulky objects must be shipped on freight.
  • If possible, avoid placing fragile, valuable or essential objects in hold luggage (jewels). For more details, look carefully at the general conditions of your airline, and especially the article concerning the objects excluded from its responsibility.
  • If you do want to carry these items in your hold luggage, it is possible to make a prior request to your airline. This request is subject to payment of an additional cost but will cover the transport of these objects and allow compensation in case of problems during the journey.

Prohibited luggage

Some objects are prohibited. They can be intercepted by luggage detector.

Luggage service

If you have lost your luggage after your trip or in case of delayed baggage, contact directly the last carrier airline, which will involve search.
You must contact luggage service located airside.

You should bring the following documents:

  • The heel of the air travel ticket.
  • The luggage label delivered upon check-in.
  • The list of the goods placed in the luggage.

Lost /Found objects

land side

If you lost/found an object, go and see the information service in the terminal hall or contact directly the police.

Air side

Go and see the airline or « luggage service » or the customs.

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